Hand Crafted In Tasmania

Tom Bignell began brewing craft beer out of his father’s distillery at their family property ‘Belgrove’ in Kempton. It didn’t take long before T-Bone Brewing Co. was conceived, and it now sits prominently on North Hobart’s main strip.

The Beer

Everything on tap is handcrafted in small batches in-house. T-Bone’s first priority is to use Tasmanian ingredients where possible, from the grain grown and malted in the north of the state, to hops grown in the Derwent Valley. Not to mention the main ingredient in beer, glorious Tassie water, which is very much a welcome addition to all their brews.

No Corners Cut

T-Bone Brewing Co. aims to provide drinkers with more than just a traditional brew. One that stays true and embraces the principles of brewing real beer. There are no corners cut at T-Bone. Come in, have a beer, watch the brewing process and take a tour of North Hobart’s latest brewing facility.